Karl and Karen first met at Howard University as freshmen in 1969. At that time Howard was in the second year of a great awakening of Black Consciousness as students were demanding the University be more “relevant” to the needs and interests of the Black Community.
Understanding the principle that the “power to define” is the “power to control,” as articulated in the book Black Power, the seminal work of Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) and Charles Hamilton, they changed their names to Kwesi and Kemba.
This began their quest to become the change they sought externally, in their own lives. Further, realising that a strong Black Community is predicated on strong Black families, they committed to marriage.

Seven years and two children later Kwesi finds himself in an African-American owned bookstore. The store is owned and operated by a sister named Auset SaNuu. This encounter becomes the fuel which reignites his desire to recommit to ‘becoming the changeʼ he sought, to strengthen the Black Community.
The rest is his-story.